Date published: 11/11/2019

Watamu, a true paradise in Kenya, which not many people know about, is a small picturesque and unexploited fishing town situated in the Kenyan coast. Featuring white sandy beaches, offshore coral formations, turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean, mangroves and rich cultural history, Watamu is a real gem in magical Kenya that should be on your bucket list (if it isn’t already on it).

Reasons why you need to visit Watamu

Watamu sets itself apart from other destinations in Kenya through its variety of authentic and adrenaline pulsing experiences. From kite surfing on the inshore reef, canoeing among mangroves, to exploring the ancient ruins of Gede, Watamu makes the perfect destination for a fun filled vacation.

Learn to Kite surf and scuba dive in the protected Watamu Marine Park


Learning to Kite surf in Watamu


Scuba diving in Watamu

Kite surfing and scuba diving are some of the top adrenaline rushing water sports to try out in Watamu.
The best time to kite surf is from the months of December to March and June to September. There are highly experienced instructors available through professional kite surfing schools.

Scuba diving conditions are best at low tide offering the best views of tropical coral and other aquatic life in the Watamu Marine Park.

Stand up Paddle boarding with majestic bottle nose dolphins

Stand up paddle boarding in Watamu


Stand up paddle boarding with bottle nose dolphins is one of the most popular activities in Watamu. The best months are November to March when conditions are calm and there are plenty of dolphin pods circling outside the reef.


Enjoy sunset and a G&T with a herd of African elephant at Arabuko Forest

African elephants in Arabuko Sokoke


Just 20 minutes drive from Watamu, Arabuko Sokoke Forest has a large number of African elephants. Watch these amazing animals, while enjoying breathtaking sunset views with a chilled G&T.

Explore the mangroves and birdlife of Mida Creek on a traditional canoe and then watch the sun set from the crab shack

Bird watching in Mida Creek while canoeing


Mida Creek is one of Watamu’s true hidden treasures. It stretches inland from the sea into the Arabuko Sokoke Forest. The area is well known for its amazing bird life as it is a stopover point for many migratory birds. Explore the mangroves on a traditional canoe and enjoy a beautiful sunset from the crab shack.

Go big game fishing and catch your lunch.

Fishing in Watamu


Watamu is a mecca for big game fishing and is famous as a promoter of tag and release. Fishing season runs from November to March however there is also plenty of big tuna activity in August as well. For the true enthusiasts, night fishing for broadbill swordfish is a must.

How awesome is it to catch your own fish and have it prepared right there in the boat!

Fresh Sashimi being prepared on the boat

Discover the ancient ruins of Gede at sunrise.

The Ruins of Gede


Discover the Ruins of Gede, left from a small Swahili town that thrived for centuries. Learn the rich history of this historical and archaeological site in Watamu that dates back to the 12th century.

Grab your friends and have a beach party at Sudi Island

A party in Sudi Island with Hemingways Watamu


Why party in town when you can party on an island?

Sudi Island on Mida Creek is an idyllic location for a beach party. After a 30 minute dhow cruise down the Creek, jump ashore and relax under the starts with a seafood BBQ and fresh cocktails.

Get up close with Watamu’s tropical fish as you snorkel over vibrant coral gardens


With it’s protected Marine Park and vibrant reef, Watamu is one of the top snorkelling spots in East Africa. Visit during low tide to get up close with Watamu’s tropical fish as you snorkel over vibrant coral gardens.

Join in a beach clean up with the famous ‘Blue Team’

The Blue Team during a beach clean up


Despite the rise in marine pollution, Watamu residents have risen to the challenge. Hemingways Watamu organises regular beach clean ups for guests to get involved in making the beaches clean, safe and also take part in the recycling process.

Discover your inner conservationist and learn about leading conservation efforts at Eco World Watamu

A Bottlenose Dolphin made from 1,000 glass wine bottles

After helping out with a beach clean up, the trash is taken to Eco World Recycling center, a community based solid waste management enterprise. Visit and learn how marine trash is being transformed into amazing art installations and crafts for sale in their shop.

Visit a local Watamu village and learn how to cook authentic Mbaazi Mahamri

Vivian, a housewife, showing how to make Mbaazi & Mahamri

Ever tasted authentic Mbaazi Mahamri for breakfast? Would you like to learn how to prepare it from a local in Watamu village? Then book a cooking class with Hemingways Watamu and discover the Swahili way of preparing Mbaazi Mahamri.

See the recipe for the Mbaazi Mahamri here 

Conquer your fears and get up close with the inhabitants of Sita Snake Park

The brave Peter Muiruri having a snake wrapped on his neck


Are you brave enough to have a snake wrap around your neck? Visit Sita Snake Park and conquer your fears by getting up close with the inhabitants of the snake park.

Sail down Mida Creek on a traditional dhow at sunset while sipping on a Hemingways Dawa

Boat Cruise at Mida Creek

A vacation to Watamu is never complete without a sunset cruise on a traditional Arabian dhow. Sit back and sip on a famous Hemingways Dawa cocktail.

See how Hemingways Dawa is prepared here

Happy Travels! 


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