Body Massage

60 min Kshs 6,000 PP
90 min Kshs 9,000 PP

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage
30 min Kshs 4,000 PP

The Hemingways in harmony massage
60 min Kshs 7,000 pp

90 min Kshs 9,000 PP

Africa Gold Massage

60 min  Kshs 8,000 PP

90 min Kshs 9,500 PP

Pre Natal Massage

75 min  Kshs 7,000 PP

Relaxing Massage

Afrique Aroma/ Aromatherapy Massage – 60/90 Mins Kshs 7,500/9,500 PP

The Hemingways’ Repair Deep Tissue Massage – 60/90 Mins Kshs 7,500/9,500 PP

Foot & Leg Treatment (45 Mins) Kshs 5000 (perfect for tired legs)

Revitalizing Foot Treatment  –  (45 Mins) Kshs 6,500 PP

(a relaxing Aloe/Coffee foot scrub followed by a relaxing foot massage)

Revitalizing Back Treatment – (45 Mins) Kshs 6,000 PP

Hot Stone Massage (90 Mins) Kshs 9000 pp


Myrrh Body Scrub ©Terres D’afrique 40 Mins Ksh 6,500
Aloe Body Scrub ©Terres D’afrique 40 Mins Ksh 6,000

Coffee Body Scrub 40 Mins Ksh 6,000

Body Mask Ksh 6000
Mask (Body & Face) & Massage:
The Hemingways’ Soothing and Detoxing Body Mask – 90 Min Kshs 10,000 pp
The Hemingways’ Rejuvenating Body Mask – 90 Min Kshs 10,000 pp


The Hemingways’ Explorer Package – 2 Hrs 30 Mins Kshs 14,500 pp

(Your choice of Aromatherapy massage, completed with a manicure and pedicure)

The Hemingways’ Complete Detoxifying Journey – 3 Hrs Kshs 20,000 pp

(A detoxing facial with a soothing and detoxing body mask completed by our Hemingways’ in harmony)

The Hemingways’ Hakuna Matata Rejuvenating Journey – 2 Hrs 30 Mins Kshs 18,500 pp

(Body Scrub, rejuvenating body mask, completed by our Africa gold massage)

The Hemingways’ Relax And Reconnect Journey – 1 Hr 40 Mins Kshs 14,500 pp

(Choose from one of our aromatherapy massage and a body scrub)

The Girls Getaway – 3 Hrs 30Mins Kshs 18,000 pp

(Kenya sun kissed body mask followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage and completed with a
manicure and pedicure)


Body Scrub (Coffee/Aloe); with a Mini Facial, a Body Mask and
Africa Gold Massage(Organic Shea Butter) – 3Hrs Kshs 24,000pp


A Detoxing Facial Kshs 7,500 pp

The Maisha Marefu Rejuvenating Facial Kshs 7,500 pp

Mini Facial – 30 Mins Kshs 4,000 PP

Crystal Hydrating Facial – 90 Mins Kshs 9,500 PP



• The profile manicure 30 Mins Kshs 2,500
• The profile pedicure 60 Mins Kshs 3,000
• Polish application 20 Mins Ksh 1,000

(Nail shape and color for hands & toe buff
and polish for feet)
• Gel or shellac removal 30 Mins Kshs 1,000
• Acrylic/Overlays/Gum Gel Removal 45 Mins Kshs 1,500

(A cuticle treatment add-on to the polish
application and gel or overlay removal is charged 1000 PP extra)


Bikini Line Kshs 1,800 PP | Brazilian Kshs 3,500 PP | Under Arm Kshs 1,500 PP
Full Arm Kshs 2500 PP | Half Arm Ksh 2,000 PP | Half Leg Kshs 2,500 PP
Full Leg Kshs 2,800 PP | Half Chest Kshs 2,000 PP | Full Body Kshs 9,000 PP

Facial Waxing
Full Facial wax Kshs 2000 | Eyebrow Kshs 1,000 PP | Lip & Chin Kshs 1,000 PP


THE SPA – Open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
THE GYM Open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm – (Closing time can be extended on request)

THE BOTANICAL POOL (Open from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm)
Would you wish for a swim after the spa?
The adjacent pool is accessible for free after a spa treatment.
* Subject to change during busy seasons. Kindly speak to the spa staff to check on
* Complimentary use of pool to hotel residents.


The Spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect the
rights of other guests to privacy and serenity by leaving your cell phone on
vibration and keeping noise to a minimum. Smoking and alcohol consumption
is prohibited within the facility.

Advance reservation is encouraged and an arrival of 15minutes prior to your
scheduled appointment time.


Surprise and delight with our wonderful gift vouchers which are available for


A minimum of 4 hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel your
Cancellations made less than 4 hours prior to appointment time will incur a
charge of 50%.


Guest with any medical condition eg heart conditions, allergies, or are
pregnant are advised to indicate in the consultation form as this will help the
therapist identify services to offer and the kind of products to use.

+254 709 188 000 | Direct Line:+254 709 188 110


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