Sokoke Forest

The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is East Africa’s largest remaining area (420 km²) of indigenous coastal forest. The forest contains six species of globally threatened bird, including the Clarke’s weaver, which is found nowhere else in the world. Rare mammals are also present, including the golden-rumped elephant shrew, bushy-tailed mongoose and Ader’s duiker.
Rarely seen but also found in the Forest are elephant, buffalo, leopard and hyena and over 260 species of butterflies. The forest itself is made up from Cynometra, which forms thick forest and thickets on the red compact soils of the Western area, and the more open, shady trees of the Brachystegia woodland on the Eastern side. With several picnic spots and shady walking paths, the Forest is a favorite spot for many.
Well-trained and knowledgeable local guides are available to take visitors on educational walks. There are over 40 km of rough driving tracks and a network of walking paths to explore. A well-equipped Visitors Center is open daily for information and forest guide bookings.

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