Diving takes place all year round although in our rainy season can be limited to inside the lagoon. Dives range in depth from only 6 or 7 metres to 30 metres, all taking place on the fringing reefs that grow along the shore of Kenya. The Watamu Marine Park is amazingly rich with over 500 species of fish inside the lagoon and over 1000 if you include the second and third reefs. Lion fish, groupers, barracuda, damsels, moray eels, butterfly fish and parot fish abound. Wonderful Nudibranchs are also fascinating to watch. Whale shark and Manta rays are also seen and provide a very special experience even to the experienced diver. Over 200 brightly coloured coral species also inhabit the waters giving food and shelter to this underwater world.
Certified courses available: PADI, BSAC, SSI and VDST

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