Watamu Marine Association

WMA is a non-profit, voluntary organization bringing together a diverse membership of groups and organisations primarily to benefit the Watamu community, protect the environment and promote quality tourism.

Formed in 2007, Hemingways Watamu is a founding member of WMA and continues to work closely with the Association and its membership. The Association is steered by an elected Committee and invites local public authorities and government agencies to actively participate in meetings and decision – making processes. WMA administration and running costs are covered by internal fundraising and membership support ensuring any donations are spent directly on WMA projects and community programmes.

One of WMA’s most successful projects to date is the Community Waste Management Project which aims to recycle plastic waste found on the beaches of Watamu for arts and crafts production thereby providing income to the communities. Other vital projects include minimization of coastal pollution through beach clean ups, campaigning against illegal fishing methods and over fishing with threaten coral reefs and other vital marine habitats and the empowerment of local community groups to participate in management and decision making processes related to the marine resources.

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