Body Massage

This truly sensory experience combines the power of touch and smell. It’s also exceptionally beneficial for
increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility
while easing tension.

60 min Kshs 7,000 PP | 90 min Kshs 10,000 PP

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

This back, neck and shoulders routine will invigorate and rejuvenate a tired body easing stress and muscular
tension in the back area resulting from a desk or sedentary job.

30 min Kshs 4,500 PP


60 min Ksh 7,500 PP

The Hemingways Fusion Massage
(A blend of Thai and Classic massage)

It’s a blend of Eastern Thai and Classic massage techniques to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. In
Thai massage, the muscles are gently, yet firmly lengthened taking the muscles into a deep stretch than is
possible unassisted.

90 min Kshs 11,000 PP

The Hemingways in harmony massage

Designed to restore balance and detoxify the body, using the Terres D Afrique coconut massage oil.

60 min Kshs 7,000 PP | 90 min Kshs 10,000 PP

Africa Gold Massage

Designed for profound relaxation and to deeply nourish the skin, using the Terres D’ Afrique shea butter

60 min Kshs 7,000 PP | 90 min Kshs 10,000 PP

Crystal Immune Booster Massage

A unique massage where we use crystals which are the mineralogical of the earth. They come with a
universal energy, a ‘natural’ frequency that can help realign the body’s frequency and bring balance and
harmony to both body and mind.

60 min Kshs 6,000 PP | 90 min Kshs 8,500 PP

Afrique Aroma/Aromatherapy Massage

Designed to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy level, speed up the healing process, eliminate
headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and
increase circulation. Choose your blend of African essential oils and relax into a gentle massage using nurturing
long strokes.

60min Kshs 9,000 PP| 90min Kshs 11,000 PP

The Hemingways Repair Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to relieve tight muscles, aching joints and to stimulate the immune system. Using our blended
oil with Madagascan essential oil. It also enhances to soothe away the negative effects of stress, fatigue and
anxiety, leaving your body soothed and your skin hydrated suitable for all skin types.

60min Kshs 9,000 PP | 90min Kshs 11,000 PP

The Hemingways Hot Stone Ritual

Heated black basalt stones are used in combination with manual massage over the whole body. This treatment melts away seated tension and is ideal for anyone suffering from muscular aches and pains. The
black basalt stones work on the body’s energy channels. This intensive, exceptional treatment is a holistic
and energizing therapy for the body, mind and spirit.

90 min Kshs 11,000 PP

The Hemingways soothing and detoxing body mask

This holistic cleansing, soothing and healing ritual is designed to leave your inner and outer body restored
and to connect body and mind. You start your treatment with a full body exfoliation, followed by the body
wrap and finish with full body skin moisturizer using the Omumbiri body butter.

90 min Kshs 11,000 PP

The Hemingways Rejuvenating body mask

Let the centuries old golden honeyed, warmamber scent of the omumbiri resin perfume your imagination and
nourish your skin and sout. After a gentle exfoliation, your skin is ready for the moisturizing and healing of
the rich Terres D Afrique body butter. The skin is left smooth, soft to touch and glowing to the eyes.

90 min Kshs 11,000 PP

Kenya Sun Kissed body mask

The treatment is designed to fight the negative effects of excessive sun exposure and to repair sun damaged
skin. Allow your skin to be soothed by a body mask while you enjoy a relaxing foot massage to ease away the
rigours of the day. Afterwards, a calming, cooling gel will be applied.

60 min Kshs 7,000 PP

The Sea Salt Exfoliation Ritual

Sea salt derived from evaporated sea water, is full of minerals beneficial to the skin. Begin with exfoliation
of the body using the sea salt with mixed with oil extracted from the sun flower seed, it will remove the top
layer of dry, dead skin cells and breath new life into the tired skin. Then wind up with our famous 60 minute
swedish massage.

90 min Kshs 11,000 PP

The Foot Massage

An intense massage focusing on the feet and the lower legs.

45 min Kshs 6,500 PP

Cleopatra Ritual

A full body exfoliation and a way with a decedent combination of honey, oatmeal, apricot, sunflower seed oil
and milk. Thereafter a hot shower followed by 60 minutes body massage.

2hr Kshs 22,000 Per couple

The Kenya Coffee Scrub

This ultimate exfoliating experience with coffee scrub, the caffeine found in the coffee scrub typically
increases blood flow and reduces the appearance of cellulite and give your skin a more even tone. We wind up
the treatment with a 60 minute body massage to re-awaken your senses.

90 min Kshs 11,000 PP

For the above, each treatment starts with a foot ritual using Terres d’ Afrique Aloe scrub during which the therapist explains the treatment to the guest followed by a fragrance ritual and a short breathing meditative exercise


The Hemingways Explorer Package
3 hrs  Kshs 15,500 PP
(Your choice of Aromatherapy massage, completed with a manicure and a pedicure)

The Hemingways Complete Detoxifying Journey
3 hrs  30 min Kshs 22,000 PP
(A Detoxing facial with a Soothing and detoxing body mask completed by our Hemingways in Harmony massage)

The Hemingways Hakuna Matata Rejuvenating Journey
3 hrs  30 min Kshs 25,500 PP
(A Rejuvenating facial and body mask, completed by our Africa Gold massage)

The Hemingways Relax and Reconnect Journey
2 hrs 10 min Kshs 16,500 PP
(Choose from one of our Aromatherapy massages followed by a pedicure with Gel Polish and a glass of wine)

The Girls Getaway
3 hrs 30 min  Kshs 21,500 PP
(Kenya Sun kissed body mask followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage and completed with a manicure and pedicure)

Couples Cleopatra Ritual
3 hrs 30 min  Kshs 27,500 PP

(Kenya Sun kissed facial and body mask followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage and a glass of wine)


A Detoxing facial
60 min  Kshs 8,000 PP

The Maisha Marefu Rejuvenating Facial
60 min  Kshs 8,000 PP

Sun Kissed Facial
90 min  Kshs 10,000 PP

Crystal Hydrating Facial
90 min Kshs 10,000 PP

Mens mini facial
30 min  Kshs 4,500 PP
(Contouring/firming facial)


Little Tembo

30 min  Kshs 3,500 PP
(Mani/Pedi or back massage)

Facial Grooming

Threading, Tweezing or Waxing – 20 min From Kshs 1,500 PP

Eyelash Tint or Eyebrow Tint – 20 min Kshs 1,700 PP

Eyelash And Eyebrow Tinting – 20 min Kshs 2,500 PP

Hands & Feet

The Profile Pedicure – 60 min Kshs 3,500 PP

The Profile Manicure – 30 min Kshs 3,000 PP

Gel Polish Application – 30 min Kshs 2,500 PP

Gel Polish Removal  Kshs 1,500 PP

Gift vouchers are available at the spa

The Gym use per hour
Kshs 3,500 PP
Limited Gym memberships are available, please fill out an additional form at the Spa.

In-room Treatments

Should you require Spa treatments in your suite, there will be an additional charge of 30% on top of the quoted prices.

Please note: The Spa is now open 7 days a week from 8:00AM to 8:30PM

                                    The Gym is now open 7 days a week from 6:00AM to 8:30PM


Bikini Line Ksh 2,00opp

Brazilian Ksh4,000pp

Underarm Ksh2,000pp

Full Arm Ksh3,500 pp

Half Arm Ksh3,000pp

Half Leg Ksh 3,000pp

Full Leg Ksh3,500 pp


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