Simba Tent

Complete with kitchen, dining room and living area, which connects two enormous double bedrooms, both en-suite, this is perfect for families. There’s a fully stocked bar and fridge and you can decide the level of service you require – we can provide a butler to be present at all times or we can make our staff invisible and give you complete privacy.

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Our camp is small and exclusive which means we can only host a maximum of 20 guests. We have nine stylish tents, all with en-suite bathrooms, and each one expertly designed to offer secluded privacy and spacious accommodation. We have eight domed Nina tents and one expansive family suites – Simba. Hot running water blasting through rain showerheads and elegant flush loos are a feature of every en-suite bathroom. These low-impact structures are camouflaged by the landscape and are fashioned for sustainability.

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