Animals abound in this thriving conservancy. Charge up your camera and focus your binoculars, there’s so much to see. Elephants crash through the acacia scrub, hippos submerge themselves in the slimy pools, an elusive leopard lolls in the high branches – our determined guides will train your eyes to distinguish the creatures from their natural camouflage.

The Greater Mara region is home to Africa’s Big Five and the endless plains are the setting for the world’s ultimate wildlife spectacle – the Great Migration of almost 2 million herbivores as they risk life and limb in their search for fresh grass. That is just the start. There are over a thousand bird species to be found and when time allows and you’re not searching out a pride of lions or a herd of elephants, the sounds and smells of the Mara will keep you enthralled and enchanted.

If that does not get you excited then perhaps you’d be interested to learn that Naboisho has a higher density of wildlife than the Maasai Mara National Park itself. In fact, with over 100 lion living in the vicinity it has one of the highest lion densities in the world. It’s also home to the largest pride – over 20 – in the Greater Mara region. Such an abundant lion population would obviously not be possible without a healthy wildlife food chain below it. The conservancy boasts impressive herds of elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, and zebra. It’s also home to Kenya’s rare wild dog. In addition to an abundance of resident game, the Conservancy also serves as a migration corridor for several hundred thousand animals between the Mara Reserve and the Loita Plains in the east. This ensures that migratory cycles and patterns are not disturbed and offers some of the best game viewing experiences anywhere on the planet just a foot from your tent.

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