Date published: 26/10/2018

Food Tourism also known as Culinary Tourism refers to the exploration of food for the purpose of tourism. Travelling in pursuit of discovering the different food cultures of different counties, or even countries is a thing and it is enjoyed by many.

If your are a foodie or tourist in Watamu, then you will most definitely dine out. Here is a list of some amazing places to try out while touring Watamu.

Once you fly in or drive in to Watamu, ensure that you stay at a great hotel like Hemingways Watamu, a luxury 5 star beach front hotel, to help you maximize your visit to Watamu. The hotel offers free electric Tuk Tuk rides to nearby restaurants to enjoy your lunch/meals when you want to eat out.

1. Papa Remo Beach Restaurant

This Italian restaurant is a must visit to titillate your tastebuds with their delicious Pizza, crabs, Italian cuisines and fried seafood among many other a-must try meals. The restaurant is also a great location for beach partys.

Restaurants near Hemingways Watamu

A plate of Polipo Zucchine in Papa Remo


Food Tourism in Watamu

Papa Remo Delicious Pizza

Open hours: 9:00AM-5:00PM (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)

Open hours: 9:00AM-11:00PM (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)

Thursday closes at 2.00 am because there are beach parties.


2. Crab Shack Dabaso 

If you are a true foodie, leaving Watamu without visiting Crab Shack Dabaso in Mida Creek is an injustice to your stomach. Pop-in for their mouth-watering crab samosas among other delicious seafood and their lip smacking Mnaazi drink, as you marvel at the sunset views. Every taste leaves you craving for more.

Food tourism in Watamu

Crab Samosas at Crab Shack Dabaso


Food Tourism in Watamu

Mnaazi Drink at Crab Shack Dabaso

Open hours: 7:30AM-9:00PM


3. Dining during a sunset Dhow cruise in Mida Creek

Why dine on land if you could enjoy your delicious seafood and your favourite cocktail during a sunset Dhow cruise in Mida Creek? A dhow cruise is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved one during your romantic getaway to Watamu.

The experience is amazing!  You will love it.

Food Tourism

Dining in a Dhow cruise at Mida Creek

Charges: Kshs 4,500/- per person (include transport, dhow, food and drinks).

The marine park entrance fee is US$ 17 pp non-residents and Kshs 300/- pp for Residents.


4. Hemingways Watamu Brasserie

A Food tourism is not complete without dining at the Hemingways Watamu Brasserie and enjoy their famous ice cold Dawa at the bar. The brasserie menu has a wide selection of seafood and their Gede Café offers a lighter, more casual setting for guests. There is homemade pastas, you can have your own pizza made, tasting platters for one, two or more. There is grilled seafood and steaks and a wide range of sandwiches and wraps.

Food Tourism in Watamu

Lobster dish at Hemingways Watamu Brasserie

Open hours: 6:00AM-10:30PM

Menu: Brasserie Lunch Menu 

Kenya has amazing people with interesting food cultures that are worth exploring. Try out a food tourism in Watamu and take your tastebuds to a real tour.






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