Date published: 27/07/2018

Kenya is a wonderful country with amazing places to visit and things to do all with the warmth of the incredible Kenyan people. It has continuously grown into one of the best travel destinations in Africa however with its main fame coming from safari, the Coast of Kenya is a relatively unknown and unexplored gem to world travellers and we’d like that to change now.  

A favorite destination to visit is Watamu; a small fishing village 120kms north of Mombasa. ‘Watamu’ means ‘Home of the Sweet People’ in swahili and it truly lives up to its name. From whale watching, to big game fishing, to exploring an Ancient 12th century swahili village, Watamu offers an incredible variety of one of a kind traveller experiences. Our ‘Watamu Bucket List’ captures the 10 best experiences – do you agree? 

1. Stand up paddle boarding with majestic bottle nose dolphins 

Stand-up paddle boarding with majestic bottle nose dolphins-Hemingways Watamu

Are you curious, adventurous and courageous? Test your balance on a stand up paddle board as you meet a pod of playful dolphins.


2. Sail down Mida Creek on a traditional Dhow at sunset 

Sunset Dhow cruise on Mida Creek-Watamu Bucket List| Hemingways Watamu

There’s no better way to end a day in Watamu than a sunset Dhow cruise on Mida Creek with a group of friends, your favourite cocktail and delicious food.


3. Learn to kite surf and scuba dive in the protected Watamu Marine Park 

Learning to kitesurf and scuba dive -Hemingways Watamu

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then you will love the many water sports in Watamu including kite surfing, wind surfing and scuba diving among others.


4. Sight the extremely rare Elephant Shrew at Arabuko Sokoke Forest 

Sighting the Rare Elephant Shrew at Arabuko Sokoke Forest-Hemingways Watamu

Explore the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, the largest remaining dry coastal forest in East and Southern Africa. For bird lovers, there are over 260 species found in the forest and for those less keen on ‘twitching’ there are resident herds of elephant and buffalo.


5. Discover the Ancient ruins of Gede at sunrise

Discover the Ancient ruins of Gede at sunrise-Hemingways Watamu

A 13th century swahili town, Gede is best explored at sunrise when the sun is low and the light reflects off the architecture. Areas revealed include the Palace, Great Mosque, several residential houses and the Pillar Tombs.


6. Explore the mangroves of Mida Creek on a traditional canoe and then watch the sun set from the Crab Shack

Watching the Sunset from the Crab Shack -Hemingways Watamu

A visit to the Crab Shack is a must during your visit to Watamu. However, before you tuck into their famous crab samosas, get in a canoe and explore the mangroves.


7. Explore the Marine Park and Watamu community conservation efforts

Explore the Marine Park and Watamu community conservation efforts

Visit Ecoworld and spend a few hours learning how the Watamu community protects and promotes its beautiful eco system and Marine Park.


8. Go Big Game Fishing and catch your first Marlin  

Go Big Game Fishing and catch your first Marlin  

The fishing grounds of this part of the Kenyan coast are world famous and attract fanatical fisherman from all over the world looking for the thrill of the big catch.


9. Sip on a Dawa at the Hemingways Bar

Sip on a Dawa at the Hemingways Bar

Relax as day turns to night, the moon rises from the East and you sip on an ice cold Dawa while looking out to sea from the famous Hemingways Bar.


10. Go whale watching and spot humpbacks as they migrate along the coast 

Spot the Humpback Whales Migrating from the Antarctica

Get your camera ready and head out to sea for one of life’s ultimate bucket list experiences. If you’d prefer to stay on dry land, look out for humpbacks breaching just beyond the reef.


These 10 bucket list experiences are only a small sample of what there is to do in Watamu. Come and visit and let us know if you agree. 

Happy Travels! 



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