Located at the Studio, the Concept Store stocks a handpicked selection of unique pieces by local artisans.

Angela Fisher
Angela Fisher is the author and photographer of African Adorned, the renowned book
on African jewelry and body decoration. She has also exhibited original and designed
jewelry world-wide for over forty years.
This special collection of jewelry, designed in association with Maria Alexander who has
designed with Angela Fisher for the last four decades, draws from an extensive range of
traditional beads collected during Angela Fisher’s years of traveling in Africa and the
Middle East.
These two artists possess a very rare and special gift of combining ethnic and ancient
elements with a deft sense of contemporary design. Exquisitely hand tooled silver and
brass beads, amber, coral, stone and glass trading beads, some dating back to the 17th
Century and before, are among the elements selected for each piece.

Kooroo is a contemporary women’s fashion brand that draws inspiration from its African
heritage. It was established in 2006 in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up to be recognised as
a top fashion brand. In 2017, the founder Hebret Lakew undertook the restructuring of
the brand, putting the earth at the forefront of its priorities whilst creating coveted
fashion pieces. Kooroo is timeless and elegant and each item is made to be cherished.
The textiles and leather used are carefully sourced from sustainable mills and tanneries
in Asia and Africa. Craftsmanship and creative skills are inherent in all stages of
production. Kooroo values the earth and protecting it for generations to come. They
value people and culture and want to preserve traditional crafts whilst creating jobs and
improving skills.

Floc Suspend
FLOC was founded by Australian designer Nina Howard. Before founding FLOC, Nina
built up over 12 years’ experience as a design and market access consultant for major
international organizations including UNESCO, Traidcraft and AusAID. She has worked
closely with many artisan communities around the world including in Benin, Cambodia,
New York, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Vietnam. In Kenya Nina partners with
specialized artisans to design grounded creations from locally-sourced natural materials
curated into original, delicate, moving art pieces.

The Hills
Our story began in our family kitchen in Nairobi, Kenya in 2020. With the darkness in
the world and with the joy we get from wonderful things, we made a candle. And then
we made two. And then we thought to invite you on our journey.
We tested our candles for over 12 months to make sure that by the time it gets from our
home to yours, you’ll absolutely love it. We looked for natural soy wax, which is friendly
to our earth, perfectly sized cotton wicks that will burn slowly and evenly, fragrances that
will make your ordinary moments a bit more special and put it in a repurposable jar that
will look lovely wherever you place it. We just moved to our new home studio where we
personally hand-pour our candles in small batches. We hope it’s love at first scent.

Safarahh Designs
Inspired by life on the Kenyan coast and a love for timeless fashion, Safarahh combines
lightweight natural fabrics with elegant designs that encourage women to invest in
quality clothing for all their summer holidays.
Each handmade design has been created to ensure it will last in your closet, from
sustainable and long-lasting natural fabrics, such as Italian linen and Kenyan print
cotton to the classic cuts of our designs. Many designs have been created in a way that
will let you wear them in a number of different ways.
Where possible, we keep a little extra fabric inside our designs in case you ever need to
alter them, because let’s face it, our bodies change, but these are made to last forever.
5% of the profits from each item goes to the ocean conservation charity, Local Ocean, in
Watamu –

Ra by Rushina
Founded on a simple ethos of living consciously in harmony with nature, we create
objects for the home & clothing with a deep love of heritage, culture & community.
Being global in sensibility, we seek master craftspeople, who with their communities
bring out collections to life. We partner with skilled artisan craftsmen who keep the
trades of the past alive. Our initiatives provide a valuable source of income and
productivity to each community & maker, preserving the knowledge and artistry of the
Each collection is a carefully considered curation, evoking a sense of culture from
where it originates. Through these, we take you on journeys of discovery and vibrant
memories filled with texture and colour.

LilaBare is made for the mindful – purposeful designs rooted in reimagining ancient
craft, empowering both the makers and wearers. Built on a foundation of regenerative
creation and conscious consumerism, LilaBare’s collections are made of local, rain-fed
and handloom natural fibres, botanical dyes, handcraft and upcycled vintage clothing.
Inspired by freedom of movement, the designs embody elevated ease. The
contemporary silhouettes transcend the life of the eclectic and self-aware global citizen,
whilst the rich artisanal craft ingrains a feeling of soulful heritage in each design.
At LilaBare, we strive to empower the African fashion community by enhancing skills
and opportunities throughout the value chain. Our craft methods blend African and
Eastern inspirations to create unique techniques that push artisanal technologies
forward. By embracing cultural nuances, we challenge societal norms and promote
unconventional methods in fashion. We offer opportunities to marginalised communities,
including gender diverse and LGBTQIA+ individuals, in both customer-facing and
production roles. Our boutique store Tama provides retail platforms for conscious
African designers and local craftspeople, and we actively participate in discussions
about ethical fashion practices in Africa.

Tribal Gallery
Tribal Gallery is a luxury arrt, interiors and lifestyle company based in Nairobi – bringing
together the work of leading contemporary artists and the timeless craftsmanship of
artisans from across Africa and Asia.
Before founding Tribal Gallery, we, sister and brother partnership Louise and John
Paterson, had rewarding careers in the humanitarian and aviation sectors – living and
working in countries as inspiring and diverse as Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan,
Somalia and the United Arab Emirates. During this time and over many years of travel,
we grew and evolved our dream to create a business that would be a celebration of
global art, events and exquisite hand-created furniture and textiles.
Our journeys immerse us in the unique and wonderful cultures of the countries we visit –
the diversity of the people, the landscapes, and the often-astonishing work of the artists
and craftsman that live there. These travels are in search of exceptional pieces –
hand-created by artisans using new approaches or with skills passed down through
generations. We believe in and support sustainable and small-scale artisan production –
partnering with ethical and responsible small businesses to preserve these traditional
skills and communities that they support.

Lana Trzebinski
Lana’s work is inspired by Kenya’s untouched beauty and the diversity of tribes and
cultures she has been exposed to. She has used her creativity to come up with designs
that have a story to them or that evoke a feeling or a memory, and that is relatable. For
her, nature is an easy subject, “after all we as a species are part of nature, although in
so many societies we have lost this connection.” This is why her creations try to remind
people of this connection even if it’s just for a moment. Lana’s pieces are created
through working with various mediums and Kenyan artisans to come up with her vision.
Lana likes to work with materials, such as; horn, wood, uncut stones, brass, silver,
bronze, beads, antique fabric, canvas, leather and suede.

Anna Trzebinski
Anna Trzebinski is a Kenyan fashion designer and has been building an Artisanal
Luxury Lifestyle Brand out of Kenya in East Africa for the past 28 years which has been
her life’s work and passion. Anna was raised as an aristocrat in Kenya, educated at the
London School of Economics. She previously owned a luxury safari camp in Northern
Kenya with her ex- husband and has a deep love for the continent and people of Africa.
Her next chapter, Eden, is a hotel, sanctuary, artistic hub, and female powerhouse
subverting the cultural cliché in the emerging contemporary city of Nairobi. Her creativity
in the fashion space for the hotel was to create unisex robes and kimonos using
exquisite west African fabric in quirky combinations.

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