Karura Forest Tour

Known as one of the largest urban gazetted forests in the world, the Karura Forest Reserve sits in the northern section of the city. With over one thousand hectares, it is an extraordinary display of Kenyan nature. Visitors can partake in forest walks, bird watching, butterfly watching, cycling, running and picnicking. The daily hours are from 6:00am until 18:00pm. While at Karura forest, one can also dine al fresco at the lovely River Café as you enjoy panoramic forest views.

Ngong Hills Tour

Hiking – There are 7 hills which you can climb in like 5 hours or 6 depending on your fitness level. The Hills have a trail used by hikers during their adventure and is about 10.4 miles.

Zip Lining at Kereita Forest

Kereita Forest is the first of its kind in Kenya and East Africa’s longest zip line tour, offering over 2.4km (1.4 miles) of flight across the lush Kereita forest, which is located approximately 40 miles from Nairobi.

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