The Classics

Bloody Mary  700

Spicy tomato juice with Russian Vodka and a celery stick

Martini 700

Gin or vodka with dry vermouth

Caipirinha  700

Brazilian rum, Sagatiba pura, lime wedges, white crystal sugar

Long Island Iced Tea  800

Basic five white spirits married with lime juice and cola

Margarita  800

Tequila, orange liqueur, freshly squeezed lime juice

Gin Fizz  800

London Dry gin, sweet and sour and fizzy club soda

Mojito 800

White rum, mint leaves, sweet and sour,

Topped up with fizzy club soda

Old Fashioned  900

Very classic Scotch whisky, orange essence and bitters



Sunset  800

From Mexico with love, tequila, basil, pineapple, orange liqueur,

Lime juice with sugar syrup

Spiced Hemingways Daiquiri  900

Spiced gold rum, maraschino liqueur, sweet and sour

Married with grapefruit juice

Hemingways Sling 800 

Gin, orange liqueur, cherry brandy, pineapple, lime juice, bitters with


Fruity Jack 900

A blend of fresh strawberry puree with apple and lime juice

With amaretto and Jack Daniel’s

Hemingways Martini  900

Cardamon meets hazelnut liqueur with lemon and sugar syrup with

Gin and pineapple juice

Cinnamon  1000

Spicy Rum, nutty Amaretto, natural sweet cinnamon syrup,

Pineapple juice


French 75  1100

London to Paris… Gin, sweet and sour, married with sparkling wine

Rossini Twists  1100

Fruity raspberry and strawberry puree topped up with bubbly wine

Ginger Champagne  1300

Marinade of sweet and sour ginger puree’ with sparkling wine

Pink Platinum  1300

Infusion of vodka, cranberry juice and sparkling wine

Amaretto Mimosa  1500

Amaretto, triple sec, orange juice, sparkling wine


Iced Tea   500

Enjoy classic or flavored ice tea while facing Ngong hills

(Chamomile, peppermint, berry kiss)

Dorigo  500

Fresh lime, ginger soda and lemonade…Just to quench your thirst

Guava Sour  500

Vintage grape fruit juice, guava juice, lime and sugar syrup… citric

Hemingways Treat  650

Fresh mango, orange and pineapple juice blended with sweet

Strawberries on ice

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