Cocktail list

The Classics


Gin or vodka with dry vermouth – 700


White rum, mint leaves, sweet and sour, topped up with fizzy club soda – 800

Long Island Iced Tea

Basic five white spirits married with lime juice and cola – 750


Brazilian rum, Sagatiba pura, lime wedges, white crystal sugar – 700


Tequila, orange liqueur, freshly squeezed lime juice – 750

Old Fashioned

Very classic Scotch whisky, orange essence and bitters – 900

Gin Fizz

London Dry gin, sweet and sour and fizzy club soda – 750

Bloody Mary

Spicy tomato juice with Russian Vodka and a celery stick – 650



Mango Chilli Mojito

“Hot” mango juice, mint leaves, sweet and sour, spiced rum topped up with soda water – 750

Spiced Hemingways Daiquiri

Spiced gold rum, maraschino liqueur, sweet and sour married with grapefruit juice – 800

Karen Dawa

Enjoy Russian vodka infusion of ginger and lemongrass syrup, with natural honey and lime – 900


Spicy Rum, nutty Amaretto, natural sweet cinnamon syrup, pineapple juice – 950

Hemingways Martini

Cardamon meets hazelnut liqueur with lemon and sugar syrup with Gin and pineapple juice – 900


From Mexico with love, tequila, basil, pineapple, orange liqueur, lime juice with sugar syrup – 750

Fruity Jack

A blend of fresh strawberry puree with apple and lime juice with amaretto and Jack Daniel’s – 800

Hemingways Sling

Gin, orange liqueur, cherry brandy, pineapple, lime juice, bitters with grenadine – 800


Bubbly mixes

Amaretto Mimosa

Amaretto, triple sec, orange juice, champagne – 1500

Kir Royal

Thick crème de cassis topped up with cold champagne – 1250

French 75

London to Paris… Gin, sweet and sour, married with bubbly champagne – 1100

Pink Platinum

Infusion of vodka, cranberry juice and champagne – 1250

Rossini Twists

Fruity raspberry and strawberry puree topped up with champagne – 1100

Ginger Champagne

Marinade of sweet and sour ginger puree’ with champagne – 1100


Alcohol free… Clear minds

Iced Tea

Enjoy classic or flavored ice tea while facing Ngong hills (chamomile, peppermint, berry kiss) – 500


Fresh lime, ginger soda and lemonade…Just to quench your thirst – 500

Passionate Kiss

Homemade passion juice, hand-picked berry kiss tea sweetened with grenadine – 500

Guava Sour

Vintage grape fruit juice, guava juice, lime and sugar syrup… citric – 500

Hemingways Treat

Fresh mango, orange and pineapple juice blended with sweet strawberries on ice – 500

Passion cooler

Passion and mango juice, banana sweetened by homemade sugar syrup – 500

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